The security of quality

In more than 40 years of business, “La Ginestra” has fulfilled the dreams of hundreds of brides and grooms from all over Italy, and abroad; our greatest satisfaction is when one of these couples comes back to trust us with the organization of the reception of their own children.

In the fine rooms of the verandas, in the lush gardens on the banks of the River Candigliano and above all, in the Dining Room upstairs, facing onto the appealing scenery of “Passo del Furlo”, you can greet your guests by offering them an exquisite welcome and warm hospitality.

At “La Ginestra” nothing is left to chance, nothing is improvised : the wedding couple can trust in the chefs, Roberto, Daniele and Domenico, and the maitre Patrizio – the diamond in a team dedicated to you, who will help you to choose, amongst many things, the placing of the guests, the personalized menus, the tabletop, and a myriad of details that contribute to making every occasion unique and unforgettable.

La Ginestra, after 40 years for emotional experience