Regional cooking and seasonal produce
For more than 40 years, the chef Nico Giacomel, helped by his family, has dedicated himself to a careful research of prime products, which he then masterfully transforms with creativity, into extraordinary dishes to propose to his clients.

They look for and select with care, beef and pork cuts, all from the Matauro Valley, and from Candigliano, as well as from certified organic produce.

Also the seafood is scrupulously selected from the mid-Adriatic catch of the day, with rigorous respect to reproductive cycles.

Fruit and vegetables come from the local area, with full respect to the “zero km” theory, and are used when they are in season, and with spontaneity; particular attention is then dedicated to wild herbs – by now forgotten – such as "strigoli", "vitalbe", and a wide variety of field herbs, and finishing finally with the Prugnolo mushroom, together with the truffle, the prince of the table. This mushroom, which grows at a maximum altitude of 600m, for about one month in the year, is served grated, on a dish of home-made tagliatelle, obviously, as all the other pastas – made with highest quality flour and free range eggs.

The King: The Truffle
Among the specialities of “La Ginestra” restaurant, we excel in those based on the Acqualagna truffle, the undisputed king of the local gastronomy. Acqualagna is in fact the only region which has all types of truffles all year round : the extremely precious white truffle (available from the beginning of October to the end of November), the black truffle (available from December to March), the “Marzuolo” truffle (available from mid-January to the end of April), and the summer black truffle, or “Scorzone” (available from May to December). In correspondence with the collecting periods of the various types of truffles, important fairs and demonstrations are held at Acqualagna, amongst which the most important is the National White Truffle Fair, between October and November, already in its 45th season. For further information, we invite you to visit the website of the Acqualagna Council