“La Ginestra” hosts annually numerous meetings, congresses, conventions, courses and fashion shows. The modern room on the first floor, with disappearing sliding walls, which can hold up to 250 guests, and with seats positioned like theatre stalls, is equipped with all the necessary technical apparatus for demonstrations.

On the ground floor, the room named “Verandina” can host up to 20 people, with all comforts.

Ample parking for 200 vehicles, covered and open air, and the ease of access to the various buildings, make “La Ginestra” an original location for any kind of successful event.

Technical equipment
Basic Equipment:
Amplification system – wired microphones – radio microphones – flip charts – projector for linear slides.

Equipment on request:
Laser beam – video projector – digital video projector – table microphones – audio and video recording – technical assistance – hostess – theatrical lighting – podium and stage.